Commercial Parking in Chicago, IL

When you drive a commercial vehicle such as a long-haul truck, you must obey the hours of service rules. Every driver has to have a minimum amount of downtime where you must park your truck and trailer and rest. Since commercial trucks are currently the single most used mode to move freight, as production needs increase, more trucks will be on the road, which means there is more need fora safe and legal parking.

With the ever-growing population of new vehicles populating the streets every year, finding secure parking for commercial vehicles continues to rise. Lack of safe, legal parking also puts you at risk when you are forced to park in remote, insecure area making you vulnerable to cargo thefts. If you can’t find commercial truck parking, then you may be required to remain driving while tired, growing the risk of accidents.

Moreover, if you are unable to find a safe parking spot, you may become traffic hazards by parking on the shoulder of a highway or an off-ramp. Never mind that challenge you will face trying to merge back onto the busy highway. This can cause a huge threat to you and another motorist.

Illinois Truck Parking Inc. recognized that the ability for truck drivers to find safe and legal parking spots has been a long growing problem.  We have come up with a solution for commercial parking.  Our parking areas are the perfect for drivers who need to park their truck and trailer safely.


Semi Trailer Parking Solutions for Commercial Vehicles in Chicago, IL


Illinois Truck Parking Inc. has a parking solution for commercial vehicles. When you have a layover near Chicago, IL, we proudly provide premier parking for commercial vehicles. Let us help you relax and recover by providing you with adequate parking for your truck and trailer at our truck parking facilities. Now you can get caught up on your paperwork, eat, sleep and relax without the stress of something happening to you.

Rest easy knowing that when you are delivering loads in town or are just passing through, we are the paring place that will accommodate your needs. Take this opportunity before or after your delivery by settling down in one of our commercial truck parking lots for an hour or a night.  Know that when you store your commercial vehicle with us, it will leave in the same condition it arrived in.

Contact us today at Illinois Truck Parking Inc. for more information on our commercial parking we offer. We proudly serve Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.