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Improving Cargo Security

When doing long haul trucking, it is important to make regular stops. However, finding a secure location to leave your vehicle in large cities can be quite difficult. Most city streets are too narrow to park a truck and trailer and leaving your vehicle on the outer areas of town puts your cargo at risk. That is why we offer parking for commercial vehicles.

Our facility is secure, ensuring that your vehicle and load will leave in the same condition as when you dropped it off. This way, you can leave your truck and trailer with us while you rest for the night and be ready to go right away the next day.

     Long Term Truck Storage

Are you looking for a place to leave your truck while you are away from town? At Illinois Truck Parking Inc., we have you covered. We offer long term truck and trailer storage at our parking facility for commercial trucks. With our extended parking solutions, you will have peace of mind that your vehicle is secure and taken care of while you are away and unable to drive it. Whether Chicago is your home, and it will be a while before you are on the road again or you are making an extended visit to our city, our facility is the perfect place to leave your truck.

When you are finally ready to get back out on the open road, you will know that your truck will be ready to go. To learn more about our long-term commercial parking solutions, reach out to our office. We are always prepared to answer any of your questions and provide you with any assistance you require.

        Affordable Parking Solutions

 Finding a secure place to leave your truck and trailer does not have to be a significant expense when you take advantage of our affordable rates. We believe in always providing cost-efficient solutions so that all drivers can rest easy knowing their vehicle and load are secure.

Contact us when you need a secure place to park your truck and trailer while you rest for the night. We proudly serve Illinois, and the surrounding states.